Rocky Point 101 - Handy Information for First Time Visitors

What is required to visit Rocky Point?

  • Mexico Auto Insurance is required while you are in Mexico.
  • For re-entry back into the United States one of the following is required: A Passport, Passport Card, Enhanced Drivers License, Sentri or Nexxus. Children under 16 and younger will need a birth certificate.

What to expect at the border?

  • The Border is CLOSED Midnight to 6AM
  • Border Lights at the border (Green Light = Pass without Inspection and Red Light = Pull over for Inspection)
    • Voluntary Declaration Lane - This lane is for declaring items which exceed your allowed limits.
    • Before you pass the red/green light there is a lane to your left that you will pull off into and park in the assigned spaces against the chain link fence.
    • You will need to go to the small building (which sits in the middle of the two lanes) and tell the officer what items you are declaring.
    • You will fill out a form of the items and the import tax will be assessed (I've been told that the import tax is about 10% of the value of goods).
    • You will take the form and assessment to the bank and pay the tax. The bank is at the border and accepts dollars.
    • You will keep the receipt of your paid tax just incase you get the red light at the border or if you are pulled over by Aduana after leaving the border.
  • Any other questions regarding the border you can contact the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection at 520-387-5671

What can be brought across the border duty free to Mexico?

  • Cash - You must declare any amount in excess of $10,000
  • $75 in new merchandise per person
  • Items for personal use such as food, clothing and toiletries according to the length of your stay
  • 1 Photographic or Motion Video Camera, including a power source and rolls of film or video cassettes (no professional equipment)
  • Books and Magazines
  • 1 used Sports Article or Piece of Equipment for Individual Use
  • 2 Cartons of Cigarettes or 50 Cigars
  • 3 Liters (approx. 3 quarts) of Wine, Alcohol, Beer, etc. You may import an additional 2 Liters and pay the corresponding tax.
  • Medicine for personal use (with your prescription)
  • Suitcases
  • Binoculars
  • Camping Equipment
  • Portable Television, Radio and 20 CD/DVD
  • Laptop Computer
  • 5 used Toys if you have a child passenger
  • Pair of Water Skis
  • 2 Tennis Rackets
  • Non-Motorized boat up to 51/2 Meters in length or a surfboard

If traveling by a camper, trailer, motor home you may also bring the following:

  • VCR
  • Bicycle
  • Household Linens & Kitchen Utensils

Can pets be brought across the border?

  • Yes, only domestic animals (dogs and cats) are permitted into Mexico and two (2) animals per vehicle. You will also need to carry a copy of your pet's current vaccination certificate.

Is a Vehicle Permit required in Rocky Point?

  • No, Rocky Point is in the "Free Zone" so a permit is not required

Do rental car companies allow their vehicles in Mexico?

  • Yes, there are some companies such as Enterprise, Advantage and Dollar that will let you take the rental car into Mexico. Double check with the Arizona office that you will be picking up the car from to avoid any problems.

Are there direct flights from the US to Rocky Point?

  • At this time there aren't any commercial flights into Rocky Point, so most people fly into Phoenix or Tucson. There is a company that offers private charters - Morgan Jet at 888-869-0866 www.westwindairservice.com

Are there shuttle services from Phoenix, Arizona?

  • Yes, there are shuttle companies and prices vary depending on the number of passengers in a shuttle. Head Out To Rocky Point 602-971-0166 www.headouttorockypoint.com Nena's Transportation 602-442-6802 Lloyd's Rocky Point Shuttle 623-551-1616 www.lloydsrockypointshuttle.com

Who can you contact to rent a beach home or condo?

  • Mar de Cortez Beach Home & Condo Rentals 602-218-7300 www.rockypointbeachhomerentals.com
  • Sea Side Reservations 602-404-2982
  • Rocky Point Reservations 866-483-3379
  • Las Palomas Reservations 866-360-2324
  • Las Palmas Resort 602-357-3401

In case of an emergency who do you contact?

  • 066 is the number for Emergencies
  • Air Ambulance: 001-880-321-9522
  • Police Station: 011-52-638-383-2626
  • Red Cross: 011-52-638-383-2266

How can you call from the US to Rocky Point and from Rocky Point to US?

  • From the US to Rocky Point Land Line dial 011-52-638- and the local phone number
  • From the US to Rocky Point Cell Phone dial 011-521-638 and the cell number
  • From Rocky Point to the US dial 001- and the area code plus phone number

Is there a US cell phone service carrier that offers a Mexico Plan?

  • AT&T offers a "VIVA MEXICO" plan. The minutes in your plan allows you to dial a Mexico phone number while you are in the US and a US number while you are in Mexico without any roaming charges. Data is extra.
  • Verizon Wireless offers a "Nationwide + Mexico" plan. The minutes in your plan allows you to dial a Mexico phone numberswhile you are in the US and a US number while you are in Mexico without any roaming charges. Data is extra.

Safe travels and enjoy your stay!!

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