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Packing For a Day at the Beach

Spending at day at the beach is a favorite activity for vacationers here in Rocky Point. If you are staying in one of Rocky Point Dan’s incredible beach front condos, the convenience of spending a day on the beach is unparalleled. You don’t even have to pack because your home is just a few yards behind you! If you aren’t staying in a Rocky Point Dan condo you might have to trek to the beach, in which case you are going to have to pack for the day. 

Protection from the Sun 

The first thing you need to pack is some sun protection. It is recommended to use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. You are going to be playing in the waves, so remember, it needs to be water resistant as well! Most people also like to have a beach umbrella handy. Sitting in the hot sun all day can really take it out of you, it is nice to be able to retreat to the shade if you like. You might even be so cozy you end up taking a nap!

Don’t Forget the Fun! 

Your beach bag is probably going to be mostly full of toys and sources of beach time fun, which means you have packed the right way. When you are visiting the beach, you should never skimp on the fun. We suggest packing things that everyone can enjoy together. Tossing around a football or a Frisbee is a great way to get everyone on the beach up and having a blast. Don’t forget to pack a shovel and a few buckets too! Who doesn’t love building sandcastles?! This is a great activity for children and adults alike. For people who like to spend a more relaxing day at the beach, reading is an awesome way to pass the time. 

Rocky Point Mexico Real Estate

las palmas grande 504 147
Title held in LLC

• 1,195 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story "Single story condo" - MLS $235,000 - Financing Available

 -  Grande 504 is a Furnished 2Bd/2Ba
- Owner financing available with a large down payment
- Title held in an AZ LLC

- Pocket Door to Laundry Room
- Lock-Off Storage area in Master Room Closet
- Computer Desk Area near Guest Bedroom
- TV Niche in Living Area
- Mural on Patio wall
- Guest Bedroom with Queen Bunk Beds

Special Features Include:
-Preferred Grande Building (Tower closest to the Beach in Las Palmas Resort)
-Unobstructed ocean views
-Old Port views
-Morning sun and afternoon shade
-Both Bedrooms have ocean views with sliding glass doors to patio
-Private patio
-Unique design in the ceilings
-Niches in the dining area and master bedroom
-Granite tile countertops in the kitchen
-Kitchen cabinetry
-Laundry Room
-Huge balcony for entertaining
-Private pool for Grande Tower & access to main pool
-Steps to the beach access
-Lowest HOA’s on Sandy Beach

Las Palmas Amenities:
3 Pools (Main Pool with 2 Water Slides)
5 Jacuzzis
Steam Room
Locker Rooms
Fitness Center
Business Center
Club House with Pool Tables, Air Hockey
Internet Room
BBQ Areas
Volley Ball Area
Grassed Area for Kids
On Site Mini Market
Outside Bar, Pool Bar & Sport’s Bar

Everything you could want and more for a perfect family vacation!

Property information

New Listing Grande 504 in Las Palmas Rocky Point Mexico

Las Palmas, Sandy Beach  -   Grande 504, a 1,195 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story. Now MLS $235,000 - Financing Available.

Property information


Treating and Dealing with Sunburns

Nearly 40 percent of adults and 70 percent of children report that they have received a sunburn sometime during the last year. This is a major problem. Nonmelanoma skin cancers have been directly linked to prolonged sun exposure over a period of years. Melanoma has been linked to periods of extreme sun exposure. In other words melanomas may be directly caused by severe sunburns. Proper treatment will help you deal with the short term negative effects of sunburns. 

Don’t Wait and Moisturize 

The saying goes, “sunburns tend to sneak up on us.” You should start sunburn treatment the moment you feel that tale-tell tingling on your skin. First things first, get out of the sun! If you can already feel your skin crawling, it is too late for prevention, but you can limit the severity of the burn. Get inside and take a cool shower or bath. 

Moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower. You can use a drug store brand of lotion, or apply an aloe vera solution. Products containing vitamin C and E may help to limit skin damage although this has yet to have been definitively proven in medical trials. If you are experiencing major discomfort, it is okay to apply a hydrocortisone cream. It is best to limit treatment with hydrocortisone cream to a few days.

Properly Hydrate 

Sunburns draw moisture to the surface of your skin where it is then lost. Dehydration is a common side effect of major just burns. Drink plenty of water 


Princesa Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico Condo for Sale

• 1,142 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story - $155,000 - Title Held in LLC

 -  Princesa C307 is a 2bd/2ba furnished condominium held in an U.S LLC for a quicker closing and lower closing costs.

Special Features of this condo include:
- Straight on OCEAN VIEWS
- Overlooks pool and common area
- Custom Title in Kitchen
- Newer range
- Ocean Views from Master Bedroom

Princesa Resort amenities include the following:
-3 Pools
-Beach Volley Ball Court
-Wireless Internet
-Large Landscaped Common Area
-24 Hour Security

Princesa resort is a popular resort with limited inventory. Don't wait to buy or this condo may be gone.

Property information

Sonoran Sun Condos in Rocky Point Mexico For Sale


• 1,785 sq. ft., 3 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $349,000 - LOWEST PRICED

 -  Sonoran Sun 209E - DELUXE 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Fully Furnished Condo
1785 sq. ft. plus 389 sq. ft. Terrace

This condo is the LOWEST PRICED and 40K below the next lowest priced!!!

Special features include:

Sonoran Sun is a low density resort with 2 towers consisting of a total of 228 condominiums.

Sonoran Sun Resort Amenities include:

-Swimming pools (one heated in winter)
-Swim up bar
-Ocean views
-On Site Convenience Store
-Secure available parking for resort guest
-Luxurious Lobby
-On Site Workout Facilities
-Pool Chair Islands and Pool Chairs
-Outdoor Pool Showers
-Handicap Access Ramps
-Large Sunset Garden

Property information

Staying Safe under the Beautiful Rocky Point Sun

A day at the beach sure is fun! Who doesn’t love splashing around in the wave, playing in the sand, and soaking up some sun? How about we stop you right there. Tanning is favorite activity of beachgoers everywhere. When you tan, you need to be careful! Sunburns can cause lasting damage and prolonged sun exposure can lead to skin cancer! 

The More Sunscreen the Better 

Sunscreen is the number one more important thing to pack when you are preparing for a day out at the beach. Not just any sunscreen! The minimum recommended strength for sunscreen is 30 SPF. 30 SPF sunscreen will block out nearly 98 percent of the sun’s rays. Additionally, it is important to buy water-resistant sunscreen if you are going to be spending any time playing in the waves. It is generally recommended that you reapply sunscreen once every 2 hours. 

Enjoy the Shade

You don’t have to be sitting directly under the scorching sun to fully enjoy the beach. Bring a beach umbrella or find preexisting shade you can hide under. After running around in the sun and playing in the waves, you need some rest! Why don’t you lay down under the shade and have yourself a nap. Take a break from soaking up all those harsh UV rays and give your skin a break. 

Covering Up 

The absolute best way to keep your skin protected from the rays of the sun, is by wearing protection. A wide brimmed sun hat is great for keeping harsh sunlight from reaching the sensitive skin on your face or even your eyes. Stay safe and have fun everyone! 

Travel And Packing Tips For Those Going To Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful inviting part of the world that continues to grow in popularity. That said there are a few simple traveling and packing tips that every traveler should consider while traveling to Mexico or any other part of the world for that matter. For example when packing it is always best to pack light so as to ensure easy movement through airports and in and out of hotels.

Concealing Valuable Items In Inconspicuous Places

Even something as simple as only having one bag or carry on can free up a hand to make traveling easier. Equally important is to always carry a minimum amount of valuables while on vacation. Concealing valuable items in inconspicuous places when traveling is always recommended. Another important strategy when traveling abroad is to inspect your bags, vehicle and backpack to make sure that no banned items are being carried across borders. It is a good idea to also use covered luggage tags.

It Is Always A Good Idea To Be Well Prepared

This can greatly reduce the chances of some unscrupulous individual identifying you as a foreigner. IDs, tickets and other vital document should never be packed in a suitcase or backpack. Keep these items close to your person and secure at all times. As a final note it is always a good idea to be well prepared for any unexpected emergencies when traveling abroad. Have contact numbers for your medical care providers and other professionals so that they are available when needed. Being fully aware of any travel alerts or travel warnings is also always recommended.

Track The Weather Regardless Of Where You Are

This includes being fully aware of hazardous weather that may be occurring at your destination or even your departure airport. Weather can change quickly in many parts of the world and that is why it is so important to be intimately aware of the currently existing weather at both your destination and departure locations. Fortunately, today’s modern mobile Internet devices make it easier than ever before to track the weather regardless of where you are or where you may be traveling. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about beautifully attractive condos, villas and private residential homes in Rocky Point Mexico.

Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Your Exciting Mexico Vacation

Mexico is unquestionably one of the most popular, inviting and thrilling travel destinations in the entire world. The area has only continued to grow in popularity in recent years. One of the best ways to get the most out of your Mexico vacation is to simply consider these important and essential strategies. Saving time, trouble and money in the long run while traveling on vacation is well worth the time and effort.

Currency Used At Your Travel Destination

For example, it is always a good idea to thoroughly understand and research the exchange rate in the location where you will be vacationing. Confusion and misunderstanding with regard to the exchange rate can ultimately cause travelers to lose money when making purchases. Take the time to thoroughly understand the specific currency used at your travel destination. Many travelers choose to notify their bank or credit card company as well as other financial institutions that they will be traveling abroad. This is a good idea and can greatly reduce confusion.

Designed To Protect Travelers

Those wishing to travel with travelers checks should consider only exchanging them as they are needed. Changing too many traveler’s checks into cash while on vacation is a sure way to invite trouble. Traveler’s checks are designed to protect travelers while they are traveling. However, if a traveler exchanges all the traveler’s checks while on vacation they are leaving themselves open to potential problems. Travelers traveling abroad should always research the requirements with regard to vaccinations as well as local laws and customs. Whether traveling to Mexico or Asia or even Europe, knowing in advance what to expect and save time and trouble.

Enjoying Your Vacation To The Fullest

Finally, know what to expect with regard to medical assistance abroad. Medical services vary from country to country and that is what is important to know in advance what to expect in this regard. This is especially true with regard to travelers who will be taking prescription medications abroad. Having access to reliable medical service is essential to enjoying your vacation to the fullest. When it comes to carry on medication nothing can compare to having an actual letter from your physician that explains your need for the prescription medications. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about Rocky Point condos, villas and private homes for sale.

Uncommon Travel Strategies For Visiting Mexico

While there are many tips and advice available when it comes to traveling to Mexico there are some that are clearly less common. For example, it is a little known fact that paying by credit card is often the best way to maintain the highest level of protection will traveling abroad. The credit card is far superior to cash or even a check while traveling overseas. This is because a purchase can be disputed if there is a problem at a later time.

Handing Over Your Credit Card Information

That said, travelers should be cautious in giving out their account number to businesses until they have been fully verified. Know the reputation of a business and ensure that it is reputable prior to handing over your credit card information. Some travelers abroad choose to use today's modern mobile travel applications. Mobile devices can easily be used when traveling abroad to check airfares, hotel rates and even get alerts when it comes to hazardous weather.

Arrangements And Reservations

In short, the possibilities are endless with regard to today's modern travel apps. These apps are all designed to save travelers time, trouble and money. Another great strategy for maximizing your enjoyment when traveling abroad is to always call and verify your arrangements or reservations with airlines, hotels and rental car agencies. This can ultimately save a traveler time, trouble and money. Hotels, airlines and rental car companies routinely make mistakes with regard to arrangements and reservations. Taking a few extra minutes to confirm all reservations is typically a good strategy.

Find The Best Deal Possible

Finally, when shopping for travel is a good idea to explore all options. For example, there are many different websites on the Internet today that offer discounted airfares. Compare these various services and you will likely save money on your tickets. Even waiting a day or two before making an airline ticket purchase could easily save a traveler a substantial amount of money. Airfares fluctuate frequently from day to day and that is why it is important to shop around and take the time to find the best deal possible. The same holds true for hotels and rental car agencies. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about beautifully attractive Rocky Point condos, villas and private residential homes for sale and for rent.

Tips On Making Air Travel Easy And Convenient

Perhaps one of the most popular modes of transportation today is air travel. That said there are some simple tips, tricks and strategies that can be used to greatly enhance the air travel experience. Today’s modern airliners are comfortable, quiet and offer a smooth ride in most instances. However, getting the most out of any air travel experience simply means staying proactive when it comes to preparing for a trip. For example, travelers can save a lot of time and trouble by simply knowing their confirmation code.

Faster And More Efficiently

When arriving at the airport, have your confirmation code ready in order to make check-in easy, fast and convenient. When the check-in process is expedited travelers can move through security and to the gate faster and more efficiently. This will allow more time for relaxing, grabbing a bite to eat or simply reading a good book. Arriving at the airport early is always recommended. The earlier you arrive the more time you have to relax prior to your flight.

Travel Documents Ready And Available

Another important consideration when it comes to traveling by air is to always have proper travel documents available and ready. When traveling internationally to destinations like Mexico are other places overseas it is important have all international travel documents ready and available. This includes having a passport that is current and up-to-date. Nothing could be more troubling than arriving at the airport to find out that your passport has expired. Other forms of ID such as a driver’s license should also be readily available so that transitioning through security can be quick and effortless.

Select A Window Or Aisle Seat

Finally, travelers should always know all rules related to baggage when traveling by air. Each airline is different so it is important to check the airline’s website to know what can and cannot be carried on board. In most instances it is best to check baggage. This will lighten the load and make it easier to board the aircraft. As an added note, when selecting seats it is always recommended to select a window or aisle seat. Anyone who has ever sat in the center seat knows the discomfort associated with this particular seat. As with everything else preplanning can make life much easier. Contact Rocky Point Dan today for Rocky Point Mexico condos, villas and private residential homes.

Single Story For Sale in Las Conchas

Title held in U.S. LLC

• 3 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $299,000 - 2nd Row w/ OCEAN VIEWS

 -  3 Bedroom/ 3 Bathroom home in Las Conchas subdivision for sale through a U.S. LLC.

Special features of this home include:

- 2nd Row corner lot
- Large lot 6,864 square feet
- Beach access within steps from front door
- Elevated for ocean views
- Nice curb appeal
- Outdoor shower

- Large tiled and covered patio
- Built-in BBQ

- 1 Car

- Alarmed House
- Windows include bottom panels that open for fresh air
- Detailed tile work throughout
- Furnished

Living Area:
- Arched windows from floor to ceiling
- Open great room
- Unique brick/steel boveda ceiling
- Island with bar seating for 4
- French doors to patio

- Split floor plan
- 2 bedrooms up front with patio access and ocean views

- Custom tile work throughout
- 2 bathrooms with double vanity
- 2 bathrooms with showers and 1 bathroom with tub

Laundry Room:
- Indoor

This home as been well maintained and ready for you to enjoy!!

Property information

Single Story For Sale in Las Palomas

Straight on Ocean Views

• 1,019 sq. ft., 1 bath, 1 bdrm single story - MLS $139,900 - Largest 1 Bd Floor Plan

 -  Rubi 1005 1Bd/1Ba (1019 sq ft. plus 178 sq ft. balcony).

This beautifully furnished condo has STRAIGHT ON OCEAN VIEWS from the moment you walk in the door!!

You also have views of the golf course from your front door and bedroom window.

The floor plan is the largest floorplan of the 1 bedrooms in Phase 1 and very open and spacious.

Special Features Include:
- Maple Cabinets Throughout
- 8-foot Solid Wood Front Door
- 7-foot Interior Doors to Match Cabinets
- Granite Counter Tops in the Kitchen
- Kohler Sinks, Toilets & Tubs
- Moen Plumbing Fixtures
- Travertine Marble in Bathrooms
- 16-inch Floor Tiles
- Laundry Room with Side by Side Washer/Dryer

Las Palomas offers more amenities than any resort in Rocky Point!!
Amenities include:
18-hole golf course
Negative-edge pool with heated spas
Swim-up pool bar and grill
Lazy river
2 fine dining restaurants with central bar
Underground parking
Walking trails
24-hour security
Room service

Property information

Sun And Beach Safety Tips For Those Traveling To Coastal Mexico

It’s a fact that almost everyone loves the beach and all that it has to offer. However, there are some instances and certain occasions were too much sun and even too much water can be detrimental. One of the best ways to get the most out of your coastal Mexico vacation is to ensure that you respect the sun while at the same time having a great time. For example, there are some simple ways to stay safe while spending time on the beach.

Excessive Exposure To Bright Sunlight

Sporting a nice-looking pair of sunglasses can make a great fashion statement but can also be an effective way of protecting the eyes from harmful and harsh rays of the sun. Choose sunglasses with UV protection to ensure that your eyes do not become damaged by excessive exposure to bright sunlight. Another great way to stay safe in the sun while on the beach is to make use of a hat and a long sleeved shirt. Contrary to popular belief, this type of attire will not make one hotter. In fact you will likely feel cooler.

Plan Indoors Activities During This Time Of The Day

Another excellent strategy for staying safe in the sun while on vacation in Mexico is to avoid going into the sun during the hottest times of the day. Typically speaking, the hours of 10 AM to 3 PM or when the sun is shining the brightest should be avoided. It is far better to plan indoor activities during this time of the day and enjoy the beach prior to 10 AM or after 3 PM. In many instances it is these simple ideas that can make a vacation all the more enjoyable.

Reduce The Discomfort

Finally, making ample use of sunscreen with the appropriate SPF factor is always recommended. Compare different products and choose one that will be most appropriate for your particular skin type and the level of sun exposure that you will expect. If sunburn occurs it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. There are many home remedies and a number of lotions on the market today that can greatly reduce the discomfort associated with sunburns. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about condos and villas in Rocky Point Mexico that are beautiful and affordable.

Basic Beach Safety Tips For Coastal Mexico Beachgoers

A trip to the beach anywhere in the world and especially in costal Mexico can be a delightful, rewarding and memorable experience. However, it is best to take the necessary precautions when going to the beach in order to stay safe at all times. Here are a few simple ways to stay safe and enjoy all that the beach has to offer each and every time you visit this beautiful part of the world.

Making The Safest Decisions

For example, it is always recommended to swim between areas marked by flags that indicate safe areas on the beach. If you are unsure of which flags to reference simply talk with a lifeguard. Most lifeguards on duty will be more than happy to assist beachgoers in making the safest decisions while spending time on beautiful coastal Mexico beaches. Another great way to stay safe is to always swim with others. Swimming alone is never recommended and never a good idea.

Always Check Weather Conditions And Surf Conditions

Equally important is to choose to swim only when Beach Lifesavers or lifeguards are on duty. This is a simple and easy way to take full advantage of all resources that are available to you while on the beach. In addition, reading all safety signs on the beach is always the best policy. Never drink or do drugs while swimming at the beach. This is a sure way to get into trouble. Always check weather conditions and surf conditions prior to entering the water. There are many Internet applications that allow beachgoers to check the weather and surf conditions in real time.

Be Cautious And Aware Of Ripped Tides Or Rip Currents

Another great way to stay safe on the beach is to avoid diving into the water. Many accidents and injuries have occurred over the years because people dove into water that was unfamiliar. Play it safe and never take chances when it comes to diving into unfamiliar waters. Beachgoers should also be cautious and aware of rip tides or rip currents. If caught in a riptide or rip current it is best to swim perpendicular to the flow of the water. This is the easiest way to get out of this type of dangerous situation. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about outstanding opportunities in beautiful Rocky Point Mexico villas and condominiums.

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