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Getting The Most Out Of Any Fishing Experience In Rocky Point

More people than ever before are turning to Rocky Point Mexico as the preferred fishing and vacation destination of choice. The area is known for its beautiful beaches and incredible fishing opportunities. With that said, there are sometimes that are better than others when it comes to fishing in this highly desirable coastal Mexico vacation and resort destination. For example, late spring and early summer are considered peak fishing times.

Late Spring And The End Of Summer Provides For The Best Fishing 

These are without a doubt the best times of the year to fish in Rocky Point Mexico. While fishing is permitted year-round, it is late spring and the end of summer that provides for the best fishing overall. As temperatures begin to cool off, fish will typically take shelter making it more difficult to catch an abundance of fish. One of the best ways to find fish when fishing the area is to look for ports and estuaries that are situated along the shore.

Fishing Pros Can Use A Lure Catch The Next Big One

There are many choices when it comes to fishing in Rocky Point. One of the best ways to improve the chances of catching a world-class fish is to use live bait. From night crawlers to minnows and small shrimp, there are many options available to those fishing the area. Conversely, fishing pros can use a lure catch the next big one. Another concern with regard to fishing Rocky Point is that of tides. Those that fish in the area can simply refer to local tide charts to determine when the best time to fish in a particular area will be.

Fish Are Widely Caught On A Daily Basis

Finally, there is a wide array of local fish types found throughout Rocky Point. Whether fishing from a boat or fishing from shore, bass, trout and a host of triggerfish and other types of fish are widely caught on a daily basis in Rocky Point. With so much to offer it is hard to imagine not seriously considering Rocky Point as a prime fishing destination. Whether on vacation or relocating to the area, fishing opportunities abound in this beautiful part of coastal Mexico. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about purchasing real estate in Rocky Point Mexico.

Why Choose Rocky Point For The Purchase Of A Second Home?

There are a number of excellent reasons why Rocky Point makes good sense when it comes to purchasing a second home or a retirement home for full-time occupancy. For example, Rocky Point has the most beautiful beach communities found anywhere on the Sea of Cortez. In addition, the area is located just a little over 60 miles from the Arizona State border. This provides for a level of convenience that is beyond compare.

Warm Water And Clean Sandy Beaches

The area is known to have a quiet fishing village feel and has become one of the most popular beach vacation destinations in all of coastal Mexico in recent years. With inviting warm water and clean sandy beaches as well as world-class fishing and Mexican culture that is beyond compare, Rocky Point is a place that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. Most importantly, retirees are able to enjoy a higher quality of life in a more affordable way as compared to living in the United States.

Inviting And Relaxing Restaurants

The area features an international airport as well as a modern hospital and an impressive infrastructure that is on par with that found in other parts of the world. In addition, Rocky Point is known for having some of the most inviting and relaxing restaurants found anywhere in Mexico. This combined with excellent shopping as well as a host of outdoor activities and friendly locals makes Rocky Point one of the top destinations for vacationers and those looking to relocate to a more affordable lifestyle.

Smart And Logical Choice For Those Wishing To Maximize Their Lifestyle

With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not seriously considering this inviting and impressive part of coastal Mexico when purchasing real estate. Most importantly, real estate investing in coastal Mexico results in an incredible return on investment that would not be possible otherwise. For as little as $40,000, it is possible to purchase an incredibly attractive property that will retain its value and provide for years of comfortable living. With an affordable cost of living, excellent real estate investment opportunities and a wide variety of local activities, Rocky Point is a smart and logical choice for those wishing to maximize their lifestyle on a fixed income. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about investing in real estate in Rocky Point Mexico.

Getting The Most Out Of A Shopping Experience In Rocky Point

Few other shopping experiences compare to what is possible when visiting Rocky Point. In fact, the area is known for amazing shopping districts and shopping markets that are simply beyond compare. One way to get the most out of the shopping experiences in this part of the world is to plan ahead. Knowing where you will be shopping can greatly enhance the overall shopping experience while visiting this wonderful part of coastal Mexico.

More Stores Are Continuously Being Added Each Year

Jotting down a list of places you wish to visit while shopping can make the entire process more organized and less stressful. From the shrimp market district to areas that feature high-end exclusive shops, the possibilities are endless when shopping in beautiful and inviting Rocky Point Mexico. Best of all, the shopping options available in the area only continue to grow and expand as more stores are continuously being added each year. The Cholla Mall region has continued to expand and add new shops and stores giving visitors and full-time residents a host of opportunities when it comes to shopping.

Reaching Many Interesting Shopping Locations

From handmade jewelry to textiles and pottery as well as virtually any other type of custom-made item such as leather, the shopping opportunities abound in Rocky Point. As an added note, it is recommended to always plan for transportation well in advance of setting out on a shopping expedition. From a rental car to a taxi or a personal vehicle brought from the US, there are a lot of options when it comes to reaching the many interesting shopping locations of Rocky Point Mexico.

A Multitude Of Outdoor Activities And Fantastic Weather

With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not seriously considering this amazing part of coastal Mexico for the very best in shopping opportunities. In addition, Rocky Point has a wide variety of outstanding restaurants that provide world-class cuisine at affordable prices. Friendly locals, a multitude of outdoor activities and fantastic weather make Rocky Point one of the best choices for those that enjoy shopping and beautiful beaches. Whether planning a short vacation or a complete relocation, this is an ideal location that should never be overlooked when it comes to affordable luxury. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about real estate in Rocky Point Mexico.

Buying Unique And Memorable Items In Rocky Point Mexico

The area known as Rocky Point Mexico offers a multitude of opportunities to purchase unique custom made and handcrafted items that are not found anyplace else in the world. For example, custom jewelry is a favorite of many that travel to Rocky Point. From necklaces to bracelets and earrings as well as sunglasses, the possibilities are endless when choosing to shop in Rocky Point Mexico.

Small Eclectic Pieces Of Art

Artisan pottery shops offer a wide range of unique pottery pieces that can enhance any interior or exterior decor. Even high-quality artwork and elegant home furnishings can be found in many of the shopping districts of Rocky Point. In addition, candles, lamps, sculptures and small eclectic pieces of art can be picked up at very reasonable prices when visiting this beautiful part of coastal Mexico. Art enthusiasts will find unique custom pieces of art that reflect the local culture in a beautiful and inspiring way.

Rows And Rows Of Individual Shops

Another important aspect of shopping Rocky Point is that there are even several American shops that offer unique pottery, cigars, and a wide array of locally made tequila. Women will particularly enjoy the wide variety of purses and accessories available throughout the Rocky Point area. There are many areas in Rocky Point that feature rows and rows of individual shops that line the streets. Best of all, these areas also feature a wide variety of excellent restaurants that make available a variety of local delicious Mexican foods. Finally, one of the most popular beaches in the area is known as Sandy Beach. 

Prime Vacation Destination

The beach is just a short drive away from central Rocky Point and is very convenient for those looking for clean water, clean sand and relaxing sunshine. Parking is convenient and the shrimp-market shopping district is always close at hand. As an added note, Rocky Point is known for a vibrant and invigorating nightlife as well as a wide variety of outdoor activities for those that wish to stay active while on vacation or when relocating to this beautiful part of Mexico. With so much to offer it is hard to imagine not seriously considering Rocky Point as a prime vacation destination or for a place to relocate. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about buying real estate in Rocky Point Mexico.

Tips On Choosing The Right Property In Rocky Point Mexico

As with any other real estate market, Rocky Point Mexico has great buying opportunities when it comes to real estate that are worth investigating. One of the best ways to make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a condo, villa or private residential home in coastal Mexico is to work with a knowledgeable and experienced Rocky Point realtor.

Those Looking To Enjoy Maximum Return On Investment

From retirees to families looking for a second home to real estate investors, the opportunities abound in beautiful Rocky Point Mexico. In fact, when it comes to cost of living and overall quality of life few other areas of coastal Mexico can compare. In addition, Rocky Point is conveniently located a few hours south of the US border making it easy to drive to the area as often as necessary. When it comes to affordability and convenience, this is one area of coastal Mexico that is a serious contender for those looking to enjoy maximum return on investment in regard to real estate.

Working Closely With An Experienced And Knowledgeable Realtor

The best way to choose the right property in Rocky Point is to take the time to explore the area in detail. Knowing which areas are most desirable and finding a property that is close to the ocean can all be done by simply taking one’s time. As with any real estate investment it is never recommended to rush into a purchase. By working closely with an experienced and knowledgeable realtor that knows the area, buyers can make a smart and financially wise real estate purchase.

Taking The Time To Choose Carefully

Many Americans have purchased real estate in coastal Mexico over the years. When working with an experienced realtor the process can be easy, convenient and carefree. While the process is different than buying real estate in the United States, it can be easy when it is done the right way. Having a skilled realtor in your corner when making a purchase of real estate in Mexico can make all the difference. Taking the time to choose carefully with regard to the right realtor is important in achieving success in this regard. Rocky Point Dan is a trusted and respected name in coastal Mexico real estate. Contact Dan today to learn more.

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Why Has Rocky Point Become The Preferred Destination For Retirees?

Rocky Point is a unique and special destination in coastal Mexico that simply cannot be ignored when it comes to affordable vacation destinations and retirement relocation. Whether individuals are looking for a weekend vacation getaway or looking to relocate permanently to coastal Mexico, one thing is sure and that is that affordability and friendliness abound in the area.

Enjoy Greater Value For A Fixed Income

Few other areas of Mexico can compare when it comes to value in terms of buying real estate. From condos to Vilas and private residential homes, the possibilities are endless for those looking for an amazing value on a beautiful property in an area where the cost of living is incredibly low. As a growing number of retirees in the United States look for areas of the world where they can enjoy greater value on a fixed income, they are increasingly turning to areas like Rocky Point Mexico. The area is known for being friendly, fun and exciting.

Choosing A Retirement Destination

Another important aspect of choosing to live in Rocky Point Mexico is that there are a wide variety of activities, events and gatherings that occur on an annual basis. From sport fishing events to motorcycle related events and art events, those that enjoy an active lifestyle will find that Rocky Point is the perfect place. Few other areas of coastal Mexico can compare when it comes to choosing a retirement destination that has just about everything a retiree could possibly want. In a challenging economy, those in search of a low cost of living need look no further than beautiful Rocky Point Mexico.

Easy Access By Car To Southern Arizona

Best of all, the area boasts some of the most wonderful restaurants and delightful shopping imaginable. Those that enjoy an active and engaging nightlife will find a wide variety of places to dance the night away. Rocky Point has established itself over the decades as one of the most important coastal Mexico vacation destinations of all. With easy access by car to southern Arizona and other locations throughout the United States, the area is simply beyond compare when it comes to convenience and quality of life. Contact Rocky Point Dan today for the very best in condos, Vilas and Rocky Point private residential homes.

Discover Coastal Mexico's Premier Retirement Destination

While it is true that those in search of coastal Mexico real estate have many options one area above all others has gained notoriety over the decades. Rocky Point Mexico is a unique and special place that simply cannot be ignored as an ideal retirement destination. In short, as the cost of living continues to increase in the United States, the cost of living in Rocky Point and in other key destinations in Mexico continues to remain low.

Beautiful And Attractive Homes

This has become a major consideration for those living on a fixed income during their retirement years. In short, choosing to relocate to coastal Mexico and other key vacation destinations in the country affords retirees on a fixed income greater flexibility in terms of quality of life. Coastal Mexico allows retirees to stretch a fixed income far greater than would otherwise be possible. Best of all, the area has a wide selection of beautiful and attractive homes, villas and condos that are amazingly affordable.

A Home, Condo Or Villa

For example, there are many cases where retirees have been able to purchase a high quality piece of real estate for under $50,000. This is literally a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a home, condo or villa in the United States. This combined with the fact that the area is incredibly friendly and safe makes Rocky Point Mexico a smart choice for retirees looking to maximize the value of their retirement funds. Saving money while enjoying a high quality retirement lifestyle is easy to do when coastal Mexico is considered as a viable option.

One Of The Best Decisions

Another key benefit of choosing Rocky Point as an excellent retirement alternative is that the area is rich with culture, nightlife and fine dining opportunities. Retirees that have lived in the Rocky Point area for many years would likely agree that choosing to relocate to Rocky Point for retirement was one of the best decisions that they ever made. Getting the most out of a Rocky Point retirement simply means working with the right realtor. Retirees should choose a realtor that has years of experience in working in the local area. One realtor in particular that has stood the test of time when it comes to knowledge of this part of Mexico is Rocky Point Dan. Contact Dan today to learn more.

Value And Affordability Are The Hallmarks Of Rocky Point Mexico

With baby boomers retiring at an alarming rate, more people than ever before are looking for affordable options when it comes to retiring in style. While the United States has continued to become increasingly expensive with regard to purchasing real estate and the overall cost of living, Mexico and particularly Rocky Point have continued to maintain affordable cost of living averages in terms of low priced real estate.

Strategically Leverage A Fixed Income

This is an important consideration especially with regard to inflation and other economic factors that are making it more difficult for retirees to maintain the standard of living that they have grown accustomed to over the years. As such, those looking to strategically leverage a fixed income are turning to Rocky Point Mexico. In short, the area affords retirees the opportunity to stretch the dollar further than would otherwise be possible in the United States. All this and more is possible without sacrificing security in a friendly environment such as Rocky Point.

Simply More Affordable Than Most Other Areas

Many retirees have found that relocating to Rocky Point was one of the best retirement decisions that they could possibly make. This is simply due to the fact that the area has many of the amenities found in the United States at a fraction of the cost. From dining out to shopping for a wide range of items and enjoying an active lifestyle, Rocky Point is more affordable than most other areas. The area enjoys excellent culture as well as a host of art related activities and annual events that allow retirees to stay engaged year-round.

Living Close To The Ocean

Best of all, those searching for real estate in Rocky Point will be pleased to know that they can purchase a home or condo of their dreams at a fraction of what it would cost in the United States. Living close to the ocean in a well appointed property that is incredibly affordable is possible by working with the right Rocky Point realtor. While retirees have a number of options in this regard, one realtor in Rocky Point above all others has stood the test of time. Rocky Point Dan is a trusted and respected name in Rocky Point real estate. Contact Dan today to learn more about amazing real estate opportunities in coastal Mexico.

Basic Facts With Regard To Purchasing Real Estate In Mexico

An ever-increasing trend among real estate investors is to purchase real estate in coastal Mexico. In fact, buying real estate in this beautiful part of the world is considered one of the best investments possible in today's real estate market. The area is considered incredibly affordable because of the fact that a new home, condo or villa can easily be purchased for well under $50,000. Few other regions of the world offer this type of affordability.

Placing A Property In A Bank Trust

This is substantially less than what a piece of property would cost in a similar location in the United States. Even travelers from Europe and other parts of the world are discovering Rocky Point as an incredible buying opportunity. Laws passed years ago now make it possible for foreigners to purchase property near or in front of the ocean with incredible ease. Buying real estate in Mexico can be as simple as placing a property in a bank trust. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable realtor that has an intimate understanding of the area is essential.

The Opportunities Abound

There are many intricacies and complexities associated with purchasing a property via a bank trust. Working with a professional realtor can make the process easy, convenient and understandable. Best of all, thousands of people from across the country and around the world have purchased real estate in Rocky Point with incredible success. Even those wishing to purchase real estate in Rocky Point for short-term investment are finding that the opportunities abound. With so much to offer it is difficult not to imagine seriously considering Rocky Point as an important real estate investment location.

It Is A Tried And Tested System And Has Proved Successful

As an important note, a trust is considered a legal substitute for what is known as fee simple ownership. It is a tried and tested system and has proved successful for many investors, vacationers and retirees wishing to buy property in a coastal region at an affordable price. Best of all, Rocky Point is friendly, safe and secure. Enjoying a luxurious tropical beachfront destination is easier today than it has ever been in the past thanks to all that Rocky Point makes available to investors, travelers and vacationers. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about buying real estate in Rocky Point Mexico.

What Makes Rocky Point An Ideal Retirement Destination?

Having steadily increased in popularity in recent years, Rocky Point Mexico has become one of the most sought after destinations by retirees. Those retiring from across the United States and especially throughout the Southwest United States have discovered that Rocky Point Mexico offers a genuine opportunity when it comes to great deals on a wide variety of real estate. From condos to villas in private homes, Rocky Point offers many opportunities for those wishing to buy real estate.

Beautiful Beaches And Affordability

The area is perfectly positioned on the Sea of Cortez and is just a little over 60 miles south of the border from Arizona. Few other areas can compare when it comes to ideal weather, beautiful beaches and affordability. This is especially important for retirees that are on a fixed budget. Imagine being able to purchase a new home, condo or Villa for well under $50,000. This is simply not possible in the United States and especially not possible in the US along the coast.

A Robust Buyers Market

Rocky Point offers some of the most beautiful beachfront properties and properties that are within a short walking distance to the beach at prices that would surprise even the most seasoned real estate investor. The area is especially inviting because it is considered by many to be a robust buyers market. In other words, those looking for affordable real estate on a fixed budget need look no further than beautiful and inviting Rocky Point Mexico. The area was once a quiet fishing village and now has become one of the most popular beach vacation destinations in coastal Mexico.

Working With The Right Realtor Can Make All The Difference

Sandy beaches, outstanding fishing and genuine Mexican culture have enabled the area to grow and prosper in recent years. The area boasts an international airport, hospital facilities and an infrastructure that only continues to grow and develop. In short, few other areas compare when it comes to affordable coastal Mexico real estate investments. From Sandy Beach to a host of other unique areas of Rocky Point, working with the right realtor can make all the difference in getting an excellent deal on a wonderful piece of property. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about a wide variety of Rocky Point condos, villas and private residential homes available for purchase.

Things Worth Considering When Planning To Visit Rocky Point

Having only continued to grow in popularity in recent years, Rocky Point is one of the most sought-after areas for real estate investors, vacationers and retirees. The area has enjoyed a tremendous amount of media and attention in recent days as more and more people discover the genuine value in purchasing property in this unique and inviting part of coastal Mexico. Here are a few simple and important things worth considering when planning a visit to Rocky Point.

Traveling By Car

For example, it is always recommended to purchase Mexican auto insurance while visiting Mexico. In fact this is a requirement and can provide a level of safety and security that is beyond compare when traveling by car in Mexico. Another important consideration with regard to visiting or living in Rocky Point is the expectations when crossing the border. Surprisingly, crossing the border is rather easy and effortless in most cases. The border is open from 6 AM to midnight each and every day.

Voluntary Declaration Lane

Travelers should look for a green light when approaching the border. This light indicates that a traveler may pass without inspection. Conversely, a red light indicates that a quick review or inspection may be required. Either way, crossing the border is for the most part effortless and easy. As an added note, those that have items that exceed the allowable limit may be required to travel through the voluntary declaration Lane. This is another aspect of the border crossing that is considered easy and fast by most people that have traveled across the border multiple times.

Duty-Free Items

Here are a few tips with regard to what is acceptable and what is not in terms of what can be brought across the border duty free to Mexico. For example, anyone carrying more than $10,000 in cash must declare this amount when crossing the border. Other duty-free items that can be brought across the border without making a declaration include 50 cigars or two cartons of cigarettes as well as books and magazines. For a full and more detailed list of items that can be brought across the border visit the Rocky Point Dan website under the “handy information” section. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about incredible deals and opportunities that are made available to each and every day in the Rocky Point real estate market.

Tips And Tricks For First-Time Visitors To Coastal Mexico

There is a coastal Mexico destination known as Rocky Point that is delightful, inviting and affordable. In fact, more people than ever before are making their first or initial visit to Rocky Point after hearing about the incredible opportunities and affordability that the area offers. With that said, here are some simple tips and tricks for first-time visitors to the coastal Mexico region known as Rocky Point.

Travelers Should Note That There Is A Two Animal Limit Per Vehicle

For example, pet owners will be happy to know that domestic animals such as cats and dogs are indeed permitted into Mexico. However, travelers should note that there is a two animal limit per vehicle. It is also a good idea to carry all documentation associated with animals that are being carried across the border. This includes vaccination records and any other veterinary documentation that a pet owner feels is important. Another interesting fact worth noting is that Rocky Point is considered a free zone so a vehicle permit is not required when driving to this beautiful coastal Mexico region.

A Number Of Direct Flights From The US

Another key fact with regard to traveling in Mexico by car is that rental car companies do indeed allow vehicles into Mexico. It is recommended that travelers call individual rental car companies to find out for sure what their policies are in this regard. Those wishing to travel by air will be happy to know that there are a number of direct flights from the US to Rocky Point. There is even shuttle service made available from the Phoenix area to Rocky Point.

Traveling To Coastal Mexico

With an ample amount of travel options available to people wishing to visit Rocky Point, it is clear to see that the area is in high demand. Those wishing to visit this beautiful and intriguing part of coastal Mexico will find that there are a variety of activities, shopping opportunities and nightlife that make the area truly special. Most importantly, those traveling to coastal Mexico may be interested to know that real estate purchase opportunities abound in the area. Considered incredibly affordable, the area has a multitude of real estate opportunities available to prospective buyers. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about visiting beautiful coastal Mexico or purchasing real estate in Rocky Point.

Essential Tips When Traveling To Or Living In Mexico

While there are many beautiful coastal regions of Mexico one area in particular has continued to grow in popularity year after year. Rocky Point Mexico is a beautiful coastal region that is affordable and friendly. The area is popular for those on spring break as well as retirees looking for an affordable place to enjoy a relaxing retirement. The weather is ideal virtually year-round and is also popular to families looking for a vacation destination.

Shrimp Season Typically Begins Around The Month Of September

The area is considered most popular during the months of March through June. In addition, October and November are popular times when the population swells in Rocky Point. As an added note, shrimp season typically begins around the month of September and lasts through April. With a number of fish markets located throughout the region, vacationers and those living in Rocky Point can enjoy fresh seafood virtually year-round. Those driving in Rocky Point can expect the price of gas to be approximately the same as what is seen in the United States.

Holiday Seasons That Typically See A Large Influx Of Tourists

In addition, the exchange rate while it does fluctuate is typically favorable to converting US dollars into pesos. In short, those converting US currency into Mexican currency will typically enjoy greater buying power while in Mexico. Busy holiday seasons that typically see a large influx of tourists occur between January and February as well as between August and September.  Tourists and those choosing to live in Mexico should expect crowded streets during these busy times of the year. Many Americans have chose to settle in Rocky Point because of its affordability and friendly and inviting environment.

Tropical Paradise That Features Beautiful World-Class Beaches

As a matter of fact there are several sizable communities located throughout the region where Americans have settled in large areas of condos and homes. Sandy Beach is one area in particular that has quickly gained in popularity as an ideal destination for Americans wishing to live in coastal Mexico. Sandy Beach is an inviting, tropical paradise that features beautiful world-class beaches that are simply beyond compare. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not choosing to visit or live in inviting coastal Rocky Point. Contact Rocky Point Dan today for the best in Rocky Point Mexico real estate.

A Brief History Of Rocky Point Mexico

There is a beautiful and delightful part of Mexico known as Rocky Point that is situated in the state of Sonora. Nestled in the northwestern region of Mexico, Rocky Point is a tourist town that was once a small fishing village. The area has a local population of about 50,000 full and part-time residents and is directly adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. The traditional Mexican name for Rocky Point is Puerto Penasco. The region traces its history back to a time when Indian tribes populated the area.

A Beautiful And Inviting Resort Area

Hundreds of years ago the area was considered primarily a prominent fishing and trading post. As recently as the 1500s Spanish conquerors under the guidance of Hernando Cortez settled the area. A few hundred years later in the 1700s Pirates plundered the area causing constant concern for the inhabitants of Rocky Point. Of course, those days are long gone and now the area is a beautiful and inviting resort area with much to offer tourists.

An Important Destination In Coastal Mexico

After many centuries of strife and struggling, Puerto Penasco eventually became a viable economic center situated just south of the border with the United States. Eventually hotels, resorts and exclusive vacation condos begin springing up throughout the region. Sometime during the 1950s Rocky Point became a well-known and prominent Beach resort area. Coming complete with schools, churches, stores and restaurants as well as even shipyards, Rocky Point has established itself as an important destination and coastal Mexico. During the 1970s the area saw further development with the addition of hospitals, tourist attractions and beach homes.

A Relaxing Weekend On The Beach

During the 1980s, the area saw an additional surge in growth and eventually began to host hundreds of thousands of tourists on a yearly basis. The area has continued to thrive and grow as more and more people discover the beauty and affordability of amazing Puerto Penasco. Today, people from across the United States and around the world flock to this unique area to purchase real estate or to simply spend a relaxing weekend on the beach. With so much to offer such as restaurants, shopping and sporting activities, it is easy to see why Rocky Point is one of Mexico's most popular destinations. Contact Rocky Point Dan today for the best in Rocky Point real estate.

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