About Rocky Point Dan

A little about Rocky Point Dan..........

Dan was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  He comes from a family of 5 and is the youngest of the bunch.  Dan's family considers Dan "the adventurous one". 

As a young child, he remembers his family vacations to Rocky Point.  They would make this trip several times a year and stay in a home that his family built in Las Conchas in 1978.  His fondest memory was getting to sleep out on the patio with his siblings and waking up early to go down to the beach.  With great memories of family vacations, he is happy that the home still remains in the family and is still being used frequently for family vacations and weekend getaways.  

In Dan's growing years he was surrounded by real estate talk.  His father is a Real Estate attorney in Tucson, his brother is a Real Estate broker in Tucson, and his sister and her husband are also Real Estate attorneys as well.  Needless to say, he has real estate in his blood.  It only makes sense that he too would follow in his family's footsteps and become a Real Estate Agent, but who would have ever guessed that it would be selling in Rocky Point.   

How Rocky Point came about................. 

In 2004, Dan completed his classes for his Real Estate license in Arizona.  Before he could begin his career in Arizona he received a phone call from a family friend that was living in Rocky Point.  That friend talked about the Real Estate opportunities in Rocky Point and within a week Dan packed up his bags and was settling in his new home in Rocky Point.  

From the moment he arrived, he was ready to begin his adventures. Dan jumped right in and began selling Real Estate and exploring his new home in Rocky Point. 

Dan found that he kept being drawn to Sandy Beach.  He would join friends for beach volleyball, flying kites and just about anything else just to be on the beach.  He believes that the beach draws people together for fun times and great memories.  He says a perfect example of this is that he met his wife Ana in Rocky Point on Sandy Beach in 2007. They now live and work together on Sandy Beach and enjoying life on the beach. 

Dan knew he had found his passion "the beach", so he has chosen to specialize in condos on Sandy Beach.  Dan has continued to focus selling condos on Sandy Beach and with the help of his wife Ana and his step-father Tom he has become the leading agent at selling more condos on Sandy Beach than any other. 

Dan is known for having a knack at finding the "STEALS & DEALS" for his investors and would like to share them with you.  He invites you to come to Rocky Point and visit him on Sandy Beach for an insiders tour and to experience life on the beach. He welcomes your questions and most of all would like to welcome you to Rocky Point. 

He says "when you think of Rocky Point.......think of Rocky Point Dan".