My goal is to make your buying and selling process a smooth and rewarding experience for you. If you are looking to buy or sell I would love the opportunity to assist you. Below are testimonials from clients sharing their Rocky Point Real Estate experience. 


Thank you for being a GREAT realtor, walking us through each step of the way!
Nancy & Joe


Dan, thanks for representing us in the sale of our condo. You and your entire team were excellent. 
Thank you, Jan 


Hi Dan,

Thank you for your assist..

You made the process easy and professional. Thx  John

Thank you for being so proactive on our behalf!  Throughout this entire process, you've been incredibly helpful and responsive.  You are very much appreciated  :) 

Chuck and Jenna

Thanks for your help. We truly appreciate your professional talents. Being thousands of miles away, and not being able to travel ourselves, we are truly blessed to work with your team.  
We are very pleased and thankful.  
Linda and Milt


Planning to sell property in Rocky Point?
We encourage you to consider Dan Monroe at Realty Executives.
When we found it necessary to sell our condo, we  were advised to contact Dan, as he had moved several properties at a time when Rocky Point sales were stagnant.
During the listing process, Dan  was always prompt, paid close attention to detail, and posted professional photos on the web. His unfailing efforts resulted in regular showings and, finally, in an all-cash sale.

From the onset of our relationship, Dan made us feel comfortable with the process. He was dedicated to selling the condo on our terms, even though he informed us of all offers. He provided us with reliable explanations of Mexican real estate practices and laws. Since much of our sale was conducted long distance, it was refreshing that Dan promptly answered all of our calls and emails and frequently initiated contact himself. No waiting and wondering in this sale! Dan's even temperament made all of our dealings move smoothly, even the complications of a bridge contract!

Dan often went out of his way to help us out.
For example, he stayed in contact even while on a foreign vacation and willingly received and shipped packages needed for the sale.

We enthusiastically recommend Dan Monroe to anyone seeking an honest, caring, hard-working, and knowledgeable real estate agent in Rocky Point.

He is an exceptional choice!
Mickey & Shirley 

Thank you for being my realtor.  Love you both!  Ann Marie

​I knew from the last experience that you would work really hard during the process.  My parents and I are super duper happy and I really appreciate all your help.  Hope I can bring more business in the future.

Dan & Ana,
We can't thank you enough for everything you did throughout our transaction to purchase our condo at Las Palomas.  You went above & beyond in every situation and helped us with things that were completely outside of the Real Estate transaction.

I want to especially thank you for saving the date and finding a way for my parents to stay in the unit when everything was booked in Rocky Point that night.

​We have purchased and sold property in Rocky Point in the past and we are so impressed with how professional, organized and knowledgeable you are.

​Thank you so much for communicating so well the entire time and getting us through our Bank of America wire issue.

​We will definitely buy from you again in the future and will certainly refer everyone we know to you as well.

Thanks again, you guys are the best!

​Tricia & Joe


The purchasing experience with you was awesome!

You did above and beyond on the process. Like last time, I completely forgot measuring tape to get size of furnitures at condo, you actually brought one already! And for immigration process, you knew I was new to town so you actually drove to the place and bring the map. Of course all the questions which were not related to my purchase, you shared your knowledge.

And oh man! You contact my condo management to clean the place before I visit as owner as first time and letting me know the place is ready for me to stay! This was so nice! These little things that I didn't even expect my realtor would do make huge difference during process! Because of your help and thoughtful actions, this complicated process made much easier and I felt comfortable. I also thank Mr.Galindo who introduce you to me. I feel so lucky to have all this trustable people I met through the process. I recommend anyone to buy or sell in the future to contact you!!

Big thank to you and your wife! You guys make great team and make my experience on first process smooth and easy. If any of my family member or myself need assistance with selling/purchasing property in RP. I know who to contact! MR. RP Dan!

Thank you again!


We were very new to Rocky Point and had a lot of reservations and questions about buying property in Mexico.

Dan was there for us the whole way from the initial property search through the offer, the inspection and the closing.  He was patient as we figured out what we wanted, and he helped guide us through the process at every step.  But it didn't stop there.  Dan went way above and beyond the call of duty for us.  Even after the transaction closed, Dan was there for us to help us navigate the temporary resident visa process so we could rent our unit out and he even took us to TelMex to help us get internet access.  And, because we weren't able to stay in town, he even waited at our condo for the TelMex install guy to arrive, which of course in Mexico took several tries over the course of a couple weeks!  Dan knew this was an important detail to our purchase and he really went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of.  I simply can't imagine going through this process without Dan on our side.

Ryan H. and Andrew P.

Want to thank you for all your help and making it smooth, fast and affordable for My wife and I. If anyone ever needs any realty services we will definitely have them call you. 

Hi Dan,

Sandy & I appreciate your responsiveness and leadership in the process of selling our condo.  You kept us well-informed and up to date.  Thanks for your hard work!

Steve and Sandy


We are settling in nicely and quite happy we chose the resort we did.  Thanks for sticking with us through the process and for all you've done these past months.  If you ever need a glowing reference from a client, let us know.

All the best,

Dan & Cheryl


We are very happy and how cool is it to say "our" condo!

We can't thank you enough for all the help you have been. Over and above with everything.  Could not have been better.

Thanks for everything.




You are a very energized and magnetic person.  Having spent my life in sales...I would have "killed" to get you on my team or via versa!!! You are a tremendous asset to RP and I'm sure many others recognize that.....I sure do! I'm very fortunate to have met you



We wanted to thank you for the great experience we had in selling our condo. 
We will tell all our friends that Rocky Point Dan is the man!
Have a great Christmas & Happy New Year.


Dear Dan and Ana,

I wanted to send you both an email to say thank you for all that you have done to help me fulfill my dream of owning a condominium on a beach - in Rocky Point.

Dan as I had told you before; when I first start this journey in trying to find a condo in Rocky Point; I saw a condo online and emailed another company.

I received a very quick response to my interest and I wrote a follow-up email inquiring about the number and size of dogs allowed at the resorts. What I thought would get me a fairly quick response took almost two weeks. Another week past and I was told they were still checking on it. I tried to find the answer on my own; however being unfamiliar with Rocky Point; I was not sure who I needed to direct my question to. I then began looking for another realtor in Rocky Point that I could ask the same question to. While still waiting to hear a response from the other company, I contacted you.

Within an hour of my email; you sent me a copy of an email that you sent to one of the resorts inquiring about dog restrictions for owners. A short time later, you sent me their reply so I would know for certain that there were no restrictions. I then wrote back to the other realtor and said that I found another realtor (I did not mention who it was). I politely told the realtor that I appreciated his time and that what the other realtor did (sending an email directly to the resort) - I would like to have seen him done. Dan from that moment; my instincts told me to go with your company and I am lucky I did.

Although we put in offers on many properties you took the time to understand my financial situation and never pushed me to purchase anything that was not in my best interest. You also took the time to explain to me which were the better rental properties in my price range; instead of just looking for the sale and telling me that they are all good.

With my limited budget, my need to finance and with a reasonable interest rate; you saw it as a challenge instead of a waste of time - which most realtors would have. From all of these things; I knew to trust you. This enabled me to buy a property that I never saw in a place that I have never been - and that is the earmarking of a great real estate agent!

After the sale, you made sure that I was put in touch with the right people for homeowner's insurance; repairs, painters and many other things for which I am very grateful.

Ana, I know we spoke a couple of times briefly on the telephone; I could tell that you were just as involved in my purchase as Dan was. You were always patient, kind and answered any question without hesitation - which I really appreciated. Ana you played a very important part in helping all of this go smoothly with all of the paperwork involved; I sensed that you and Dan are a team; not only on a personal level; but on a professional one as well.

I look forward to meeting you both soon!    M  


Just wanted to tell you Thanks so much you were honestly the best we ever had on any property we have bought or sold....Thanks so much for all the communication.    Thanks again, Rene

Hello Dan, 

Muchas Gracias por todos over the past few weeks.  You provided the best service I could hope for and I am so glad I found you!   I absolutely will refer others to you. 

Again, thanks for everything and please thank your wife for me because  I know she was also helping behind the scenes..

Sincerely,  Debbie

Hello Dan,

We truly appreciate all of your efforts in getting our condo sold and patience with us during some trying times.

Our next visit to Penasco isn't until October but we would definitely like to see you again and maybe have a margie or cerveza together!

As always,  

Best Regards,

Ed and Laura


You will be heartily recommended to anyone I know that needs a realtor in Penasco.  You did a wonderful job and I couldn't have been happier.

Thanks again,

I really appreciate everything that you've done for me over the past 2+ months to make this happen.  Guess it is time for a "I Love You Man" moment... my Father really thinks that you're a super person and so do I.  Probably can't buy many groceries with that, but there it is.

Thanks Dan!

Good Morning Dan,

I heard that the closing went through and the condo is now sold. I just want to thank you for all your help and professionalism in this amazingly fast transaction. I have told you how special they are to me and I am so happy that you are the person that was able to sell their condo so quickly. You are certainly number one in my book! :) and, believe me, I will recommend you to anyone that asks if I know a "good, honest, no bull sh*t" realtor!

Thank you again, Dan,

Hi Dan,

Thanks again for all your hard work and I will definitely refer you to anybody looking to buy or sell in RP.


Thank you, Dan.  You've been professional, knowledgeable, considerate and helpful with all my concerns and issues.

With much appreciation,

I just returned from Mazatlan and found a surprise in my mail box.  Thank you soooo much for the lovely note & gift card you sent me !!

It was my good fortune (Thanks to Mel) and pleasure working with you.

I must say, you are true professionals down to the last detail.  I couldn't be happier.

I wish you much success and will certainly send any friends that may want to buy or sell in Rocky Point to you:)

Warmest Regards, Annabelle


Just wanted to let you know that we rec'd your gift in the mail.  Thank you very much for them...the book is amazing and will be a great addition to one of our condos!!

As I said before, gifts are not necessary, you have already done so much for us.  I can't begin to tell you how much Gail & I appreciate everything that you have done.  It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and we won't hesitate to refer you to anyone that we come across that has interest in Rocky Point. 

Thanks so much for an AWESOME job!!!

Take care, and we'll see you soon.
John & Gail

Dan, attached is our acceptance to buyers offer. You have done a great job, excellent communication with us and never felt any pressure from you to sell. Always willing to listen and work with us. Will be most happy to recommend your services. Keep us posted on progress of sale. Please confirm receipt of this attachment.

Thanks, Dan & Susie

Hello Rocky Point Dan! I didn’t want any more time to go by without personally sending you a thank you for all your hard work in helping us purchase our Rocky Point condo at La Princesa!  I didn’t think it would be possible when we first started looking in February, but now it’s been nearly a month since we signed our closing papers and I still can’t believe it’s true.  Thank you for making it happen!

I know Robert sent you an email on our behalf but I wanted to send you something myself.  Your assistance was invaluable, always ready to help answer all our questions and ease the uncertainty of purchasing in another country.  Although I speak the language and have traveled all over Mexico,  we were very nervous and had tons of questions, and not once did we ever feel like we were a pain in your side, and I know we were, especially my husband!

 ;-)  ;-)

The dinner certificate was a very nice gesture on your part, as was the book,  and the fact that you helped us unload our truck goes beyond expectations.  That’s what I call a genuinely nice guy!  You even had folks scheduled ready to help us with all our move-in needs.  

If anyone would like to call me for a reference, please give them my name.   Way to go RPD!


​La Princesa Condo Owner


Hey RockyPointDan! I wanted to shoot you a quick note to thank you for all you've done!  You're a good agent and would not hesitate recommending you to anyone looking to do business in the real estate market.

Thank you for the book of Appreciation and certainly the Mare Blue restaurant certificate.  We really REALLY enjoyed the food there.. Paty loved the Angle hair and shrimp pesto plate and I chowed down on the Lasagna  which I thought was really good.. The wine was pretty darn good too.  Service was exceptional, Daniel was our server and was extremely professional and most gracious. During our stay we had the pleasure of meeting some very nice people.  The staff at La Princesa were ALL very helpful, delightful, and very willing to help. We also met some of the other owners there who shared some tips and good info and were very nice people..

All in all RockyPointDan we had a super fantastic time and hated to leave and return home.  However we now know we own some one of the sweetest views on the planet and can return at any time..

Thank you again for walking us through this.


Patricia and Robert

Dan - thanks so very much for all your help on EVERYTHING. It's a beautiful place and my family will get so much enjoyment out of it.  I wonder if you realize that you do so much more than sell property. You help guys like me create good things and good memories for his family and most importantly to me - my little girl. I could not have done it (nor probably would not have done it without you). Its all less scary when I have someone like you to point me in the right direction with everything. Thanks for your help with the electric company stuff as well.

And thanks for the Hornitos! Do you partake in tequila? If so - I will open it with you to celebrate.You did not have to do that. I should have gotten YOU something. .Hope you made a little something off the deal as well as far as compensation goes. 

We will see you soon. Blessings on your other potential deals you have going.



Hello Dan,

Thanks for all the extra assistance with the closing. Laura and I were super impressed with your performance, skill and organization.

Talk to you later, 
Dennis and Laura

Dan Monroe worked quickly and efficiently through our latest Rocky Point condo-buying process.  Dan helped us to negotiate a true rock bottom deal on Sandy Beach.  He always addressed our questions professionally and in a very timely manner.  Working with Dan was a pleasure and would come with my recommendation.  


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