Rocky Point Weather In a Nut Shell

The weather in Rocky Point can be summed up in one beautiful, glorious word: Sunshine!


As the lovely beach town sits in the Sub-Tropical climate zone, we don’t see much when it comes to inclement weather. The average rainfall doesn’t go much higher than 2 inches of rain per year!


Now, other areas of the similar climate can be unbearably hot (like back in Arizona!) but luckily for all of us in Puerto Peñasco, we have the cool ocean air keeping us in a much nicer environment! The year-round average high is abought 84 °F (~29 °C)



Weather in Rocky Point might just be the best all year, but spring takes the cake. With temperatures are perfect for enjoying the beach, golfing, and all the other activities Rocky Point has to offer! The average from March through May is just 81°F



While summer temperatures are of course higher than the rest (as high as 104°F, even then it is not the usual) the average temperature for June through September is about 94 °F. Perfect weather for jumping into the ocean, riding a banana boat or chilling out under an umbrella!



After September, the temperatures take a dip! The average high goes to about 77°F and while that is far from unbearable it does make the prospect of heading into the water a little chilly. That’s okay! There are so many activities available for year-round enjoyment!



The chill comes down to Rocky Point in December through February, with daily averages at about 59°F. Bundle up and enjoy a warm fire, there won’t be any snow ruining your day!


Weather is so much more than just temperatures! As mentioned, Rocky Point does not see much rain each year, seldom getting higher than a couple of inches over the course of an entire year. There has been the rare tropical storm like Hurricanes Nora and Kathleen (in ’97 and ’76 respectively) but those are once in a generation!


In general, you can always expect a sunny day and a nice breeze as the everyday weather in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico


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